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digitainable Spring School 2022

4. March 2022 - 11. March 2022

We are pleased to invite you to the Digitainable Spring School 2022:

MARCH 4-11, 2022:
Towards Sustainability with Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence” 


The opportunities and risks of Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (D&AI) for sustainable development is subject to intense and controversial debate. The Digitainable Spring School 2022 (DSS 2022) will shed light on this discussion by a series of lectures and various participatory formats. The DSS 2022 is based on a logic of interdisciplinary knowledge, oriented towards promoting productive, collaborative, critical, and creative discussions between different disciplines and schools of thought, between theory, research, and current practices on the mindful application of D&AI for sustainable development. The notion of sustainable development (SD) is considered a global aspiration towards the consciousness of the necessity of a new paradigm for development, guiding resilient progress respecting the interrelation between economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental protection for the individual and collective well-being. It has received its most recent and comprehensive formulation in the UN Agenda 2030 with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe that implications of D&AI for the SDG framework the complex interlinkages remain under-discussed so far, raising concerns about their appropriateness to places, contexts, and specific problems. The DSS 2022 aims to stimulate this discussion and foster the development of research networks of bring minds, guided by critical, alternative, and complementary views of mindful use D&AI for sustainable development. 

What to expect from the DSS 2022?

By participating in DSS 2022, you will have the opportunity to learn from and engage with top experts in the domain. The DSS offers an invaluable chance to understand methods, theories and concepts to uncover the potential and limitations of D&AI for SDGs as well as state-of-the-art advances and accurate word practices from our invited speakers. DSS provides a great networking opportunity to meet and work with individuals from across the globe who share a passion for sustainable development.

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1. Lectures and Discussions 

– The concepts of Sustainability Development (SD) and Digitalization and AI (D&AI) technologies
– D&AI for Social good
– Sustainable D&AI application
– Determining the mindful application of D&AI for SD
– Current Landscape and context-driven D&AI application 
– Local to global priorities for achieving sustainability
– Socio-technical aspects for sustainable development – Ethics and Responsible AI 
– Role of citizens in shaping the future of SD with AI

2. Workflow and Modalities of the Workshops

The teaching methodology consists of: 
 – Preparatory work and traditional classes
– Analysis and pre-feasibility of local and international case studies through an integrated approach (technology-sustainability-mapping)
– Outcomes (may be optional)

3. Involvement of Local Actors

The sustainable practices taken by the City of Bonn and their projects will be involved in collective lectures and project reviews.

4. Group Work

While learning various aspects of D&AI for SDGs, students will work in groups parallelly to practice the knowledge gained during spring school. Each group will be conforming of students from all over the world working interactively work together to develop results to be presented on the last day of spring school. This means that next to the obligatory participation in the sessions, you will be requested to do group work, readings and/or videos and other preparations for group activity. We aim to encourage students from different universities in different countries and backgrounds to build a network and connect globally.

The DSS 2022 also welcomes the exhibit of posters from doctoral or postdoctoral researchers, which will target a critical re-construction process throughout the DSS and equally presented on the last day. Throughout all days, there will be an online exhibition of informative materials around the actions of diverse organizations, practitioners, and activists oriented to themes of development. The wider audience interested in the themes of the DSS 2022 is invited to follow our daily reports and interact with the group by posing questions and raising issues through our social media pages.

The DSS 2022 will be entirely online, held on March 4-11, 2022.

It will consist of two online components:

  • Lecture sessions (March 4, 8, 10, 11, 2022; 4 hours daily) with lecture sessions. Actors from the public and private sector will be invited to share their insights
  • Group activity (March 4-11, 2022) with participants from diverse backgrounds and contexts and practical exercises of knowledge gained during the DSS for mindful application of D&AI for SDGs. Various creative techniques and formats will support interactions and dialogues amongst the participants and the co-creation of innovative ideas

Upon request, we provide a confirmation of participation letter for your employer. 

At the end of the DSS 2022 you will receive a certificate recognizing your participation, if you complete 70% of the classes and the assignments.

The DSS 2022 will take place online. 

We invite international researchers including post-docs, masters and doctoral students with a background in sustainable development and digital technologies with a good level of English who are interested in new ways of thinking and action that advance mindful practices concerning the application of D&AI for SDGs.

Participants from the Bonn Alliance partner institutions will be highly appreciated.

Please apply to the DSS 2022 by completing this online application form and upload your CV and a motivation letter (one file).

The online application form was available from November 1, 2021 until January 20, 2022.

The spoken language during the DSS 2022 is English.

It consists of four hours per day for two weeks of organized activities plus hand-on hours.

At the end of the DSS 2022, participants will receive an official DSS 2022 certificate confirming their active involvement in the event if they have been present for more than 70% of the sessions and completed the assigned tasks.

The online application form closed January 20, 2022, 12am CEST.

You will receive a letter of acceptance until February 11, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. The Digitainable Spring School is open for everyone studying for or with a master, doctor or post-doc degree.

Yes, you can apply. Please, consider that the days without classes are intended for group classes, and you will need to coordinate with your group for it.

The Digitainable Spring School is free of charge.

The classes will be facilitated via Zoom. Papers, reports and important documents, as well as the group work will be shared on Slack.

Yes, we can write you a letter confirming your participation in the Digitainable Spring School.

At the end of the DSS 2022, participants will receive an official DSS 2022 transcript certifying their active involvement in the event for individuals who are present for more than 70% of the sessions and who completed the assigned tasks.

Participants will be asked to turn on their cameras at the beginning of the workshop, and to fill in a short questionnaire on menti during the session. Please, if you have issues accessing the menti platform or turning on the camera decreases the quality of the video call, let the organizers know ahead.


4. March 2022
11. March 2022




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